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La Maille .
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dimanche 15 mars 2015

# Le Monde du Lancer en Deuil .

Le Monde du Lancer en Deuil , M. Terry Caroll est décédé . Il a porté au plus haut la Marque Zziplex dans le monde entier ,, 

From Colin Howlett -
"I have been contacted by Barbara and would like to issue a statement on her behalf.
Sadly Terry died peacefully at home this morning after a short but fierce battle with cancer .
It was Terry's greatest wish that the company we started together should continue and he made it his final project that Zziplex would continue after his death .
Lee Isham who has been Terry's right hand man for many years will continue his mentors work .
Details of the funeral will be made available at a later date.

"" Another legend and a true english craftsman sadly gone,, a great loss to english sea fishing
Didn't know him but my pride and joys were created by his skilled hands
RIP ""

Un des nombreux hommages que l'on peut voir sur les forums Anglais !  

R I P  Mister Terry .